Annette Baldwin always presents an impeccable performance…..we never miss her at the annual Chautauqua.  

– High Plains Chautauqua, Greeley, Colorado

Whether it be a portrayal or a lecture, it’s always a stunning performance.  

Brian Reis, Executive Director, Ellwood House Museum, DeKalb, Illinois

For Susan B. Anthony

I thought Susan B. Anthony had been reincarnated. 

-Norman Fitzpatrick, Poudre River Public Library, Ft. Collins, Colorado

Susan B. Anthony was a hit in Maryland.  You bring so much energy and preparation to the program; your enthusiasm for the character is contagious.  

-Judy Dobbs, Maryland Humanities Council

Scholars, as you, make our job easy to provide high quality programs to New Hampshire citizens.  

–Melanie Phelps, New Hampshire Humanities Council.

As always, a great performance.  

–Wolf Fuhrig, Jacksonville, Illinois, Chautauqua.Chair

This isn’t just a good show.  It makes you want to find out more.

–Maryland Chautauqua comment.

Remarkable!  A wonderful and historical learning process.   

-Tony Stewart, Human Rights Educational Institute, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


For Coco Chanel

Incredible!  You Are la grande mademoiselle! 

-Pro-Youth/Heart, Visalia, California

Spectacular!  We all felt Chanel was in the same room with us

-Park Ridge, Illinois, Civic Orchestra Benefit

Your Coco Chanel was top notch! 

-Virginia Freyre, Algonquin Area Public Library

I have seldom seen an audience so enthusiastic.  They not only loved meeting Coco, they loved meeting Annette.  I appreciate your professionalism and how well you worked with the audience and the way you respected my time constraints.  

–Rhonda Snelson, Lisle, Illinois, Library District.

Thank you for your portrayal of Coco Chanel on campus today.  Several people called me or stopped by to tell me how knowledgeable you were, how much history was conveyed, and how they loved the way you engaged the audience. They told me they had forgotten they were sitting in Jenkins Auditorium.  

-Laura Chiavini, Marketing & Public Relations, Kishwaukee College, Malta, Illinois

(Letter written to Lisle, IL, Library District)  Thank you so much for your efforts in bringing Annette Baldwin and Coco Chanel to the Lisle Public Library.  It was a delightful evening and I was absolutely enthralled with her performance.  Ms Baldwin inhabited her character in such a way as to completely deny any possibility of anyone else under that hat but Chanel.  

–Robert Rainville, Recruitment Coordinator, BP Biofuels North America, LLC, Naperville, Illinois

A vivacious presentation of Coco Chanel

–West Chicago, Illinois, Public Library District

Your humor and lightheartedness combined with a true professionalism makes working with you a true pleasure

–Lisle, Illinois, Library District

I was so enthralled by what Annette Baldwin can do on a stage, I want to see it [Chanel] again. Annette knows fashion. 

-Rosalie Cooke, creator of Art You Wear blog.

What a fabulous Coco you are!  

-Nancy Koutsis, Barrington, Illinois, Questers


For Jane Addams

Your Jane Addams was among our library’s stand-out programs for 2014.  

-D. Wolfe, Schaumburg Township Public Library (Illinois)

The rapt attention of the overflow audience at both of your performances was testimony of your ability to bring Miss Addams to life. 

National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Your Jane Addams was stunning; not only well performed, but exceptionally well written

-Mary Jo Graf, Chicago Real Estate Executive Women

A compelling portrayal.  Both students and faculty remarked on how impressibe your presentation was.  

–Sherrilyn Martin, Keith Country Day School, Rockford, Illinois

A fully fleshed-out impersonation, beautifully performed.  

–Kris Howard, Harper College, Palatine, Illinois

A stirring portrayal.  

Wolf Fuhring, Jacksonville, Illinois, Chautauqua Chair.

Catch this program (Jane Addams) if Baldwin shows up in your town.  

Viva la Feminista Website


For Louise Nevelson

Thank you again for a superb presentation.  Greeley has fallen in love with you, as well as the many characters you have introduced to us.  

-Thelma & Ron Edgerton, High Plains Chautauqua Committee, Greeley, Colorado.

Beautifully  presented.  -Annette is one of the best performers able to answer questions in character.  

High Plains Chatauqua, Colorado

Outstanding artistry and presentation  

High Plains Chautauqua

My attention never wavered!  Wow!  Beautifully presented.  

–High Plains Chautauqua

Baldwin WAS Nevelson! 

-High Plains Chautauqua


For Dorothy Thompson

Annette Baldwin mesmerized us with her portrayal of Thompson

–Jane Adams,Program Director, High Plains Chautauqua, Greeley, Colorado.

Excellent!  Fantastic!  Her voice is needed today.  

– High Plains Chautauqua

I felt as if I was actually listening to Dorothy and sitting in her home.  

–High Plains Chautauqua

Informative!  Funny!  Thought provoking!  

-High Plains Chautauqua


For Elizabeth Van Lew

Your dead-on portrayal of Elizabeth Van Lew was simply amazing? 

-Women’s Club of Inverness, Illinois

A top-notch example of meticulous research and artistry

-Alice Brennan, Darien, Illinois, Historical Society

Flawlessly recreated….as enjoyable as it was interesting.

-George Rawlinson, The Courier News, Elgin, Illinois

Our library will remember it as one of our very best.

–Mary Cella, St. Charles, Illinois, Public Library


For The Long Road to Victory

Rave reviews by all who attended the convention. 

Illinois Questers Convention Chairpersons

Excellent….well researched, well constructed, cleverly changed costumes. 

Glenview, Illinois, Public Library

Thank you for your great performance.  You were a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend you.  

-Nadine Bachman, Elmhurst, Illinois, Public Library

A beautiful program…nothing but raves

–Elgin, Illinois, League of Women Voters

An entertaining and insightful hour. 

–Northwest Indiana Post Tribune


–Catherine Collins.  WISE, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Chicago, Illinois

The suffragettes arrived magically during an engaging monologue.  

–The Wheaton, Illinois, Sun

Having now seen three of your presentations I think I qualify as a Baldwin “groupy.”  You do a wonderful job of educating, inspiring and entertaining.  

–Sandra Shimon, Oak Park/River Forest, Illinois, League of Women Voters

Please accept my deep appreciation for your remarkable recreations of the strengths and visions of the leaders of the suffrage movement and  reminding me of the debt I owe them.  

–Karen Bull, LaGrange Park, Illinois


For Literary Lovers

You produced the illusion of a much larger cast.  Everyone felt that they learned a lot about the authors…the ideal result of a library program. 

–Rhonda Snelson, Lisle, Illinois, Library Distrist.

Comments from former library programmers at the following Illinois public libraries

Professional and entertaining, beautifully presented.  

Deerfield Public Library

An excellent, production reflecting a study of history and the careers of these famous couples.   

Orland Park Public Library

Delightful and entertaining. Our audience loved it!    

Park Ridge Public Library

 As always, a great performance.  

Addison Public Library


For The Arts & the Art of Dressing: 1920s Style

Hypnotic!  Your devotion to beauty and fashion and your incredible presentation was truly a work of art.  The time flew by.  We could have sat all afternoon.  I find myself looking at color, design, fashion in a whole new light

–Lenore Gordon, Allied Arts Club of LaGrange, Illinois

Based on the feedback from both my staff and our customers, who attended your program The Arts and the Art of Dressing: 1920s Style  was a wonderful success.  Below are several of the glowing comments we received from customers. 

–Christina Stoll, Arlington Heights, Illinois, Memorial Library.

  • Wonderful presenter: knowledgeable, great sense of humor, really connected with the attendees.  4-star program!!  So great that she had vintage clothing, jewelry, hats and shoes of the 1920s.
  • She was excellent.  I enjoyed her program very much.
  • Well prepared.
  • The speaker was delightful and the program was very informative and interesting.  I loved seeing the [PowerPoint] photos and the vintage clothing she showed.
  • She was very passionate and knowledgeable about the topic.  Fun to listen to.
  • The speaker was very interesting and funny
  • Very interesting and informative.  An excellent presentation.
  • I enjoyed everything about the program and the speaker!
  • Superb!
  • I enjoyed this entertaining, but informative program.  The speaker was passionate about her subject.  Her presentation covered the material very well.  I especially liked her display and discussion of her personal collection.  I would like to see her presentation of Coco Chanel.

William Rainey Harper College, Palatine, Illinois, Class Comments

  • Beautifully presented.  Gorgeous objects reinforced this excellent presentation.  An exceptional speaker; very informed on her subject.
  • I loved the course.  Very informative and very uplifting.  A delightful course.  The dresses were spectacular.
  • Annette Baldwin is an exceptional speaker and very informed on her subject.
  • What a great program.  [Annette] loves her material, and it is infectious.
  • Annette knows her subject.  Beautifully presented.  Gorgeous objects reinforced the excellent presentation.
  • I liked the comparing of art to clothes, just as the subject suggests.
  • Good history.  Very informative and well done.


The Carnegie Library: Treasures on the Landscape

Harper College Class Comments

  • Well researched and presented
  • I enjoyed the knowledge and the excitement of the presenter for her topic
  • The [PowerPoint] photos were excellent – marvelous.
  • I would take almost any class this lady offers.

Magnificent Collaboration: Julia Morgan, Architect & William Randolph Hearst, Client

Your presentation for the Glen Ellyn Book Club was new and refreshing.  Combining historical fact, your life experiences, and visuals, along with interest and timing, made our event very memorable.  Please return to us.  

-Wini Dyer, President, Glen Ellyn Book Club

Hearst Castle: Home or Museum

Our members were enthralled with the visual presentation on Hearst Castle. Not only were the images and lecture content stunning and insightful, but we had another 30+ minutes of group discussion after the lecture ended. That’s the sign of an engaging presentation!  It’s always a pleasure having Annette at our podium!  

Brian ReisExecutive Director, Ellwood House Museum, DeKalb, Illinois


Annette Baldwin

 Annette Baldwin

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