Annette Baldwin as Susan B Anthony
SBA performance New Hampshire Chautauqua

Susan B. Anthony

Equal Rights Advocate

It had been a 72-year struggle for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing women their right to vote, with thousands of women dedicating themselves to “getting the vote,” but it was Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906), a former school teacher and advocate for temperance and abolition who through her leadership for women’s political equality, became affectionately and respectfully known as  the “mother of The Cause.”

Anthony was unstoppable!  Her passion for equality was an inspiration to her followers and a wonder to her detractors.   Although she was ridiculed and mocked by her adversaries, they could not help admiring and respecting her.

Born in Massachusetts, in 1820, to a Quaker family, Susan B. Anthony was raised in an atmosphere that promoted egalitarian principles, education, and self-worth.   When she chose to advocate for human rights, Anthony’s family staunchly supported her causes.

Anthony believed that social change was possible only if women participated in the government, and that was possible only by holding the elective franchise.    Susan B. Anthony dedicated her entire adult life to woman suffrage, simultaneously promoting equality for working women.  The freedom women enjoy today is owed to Susan B. Anthony and the thousands of women – and men – who fought with unlimited energy and courage for equal rights.

Anthony’s energy and passion comes vividly to life in this portrayal of the “Mother” of the Woman’s Rights Movement. Annette Baldwin’s Anthony is forthright as she enlightens her audience on the social condition and presses her case for The Vote for Women.  Her stories prove her determination, courage and fervor.  We also find her to have a good sense of humor.


Onsite research includes a visit to Anthony’s home in Rochester, N.Y..

Kind words about the program

I thought Susan B. Anthony had been reincarnated.

Norman Fitzpatrick, Poudre River Pub. Lib., Ft. Collins, CO

Remarkable! A wonderful and historical learning process.

Human Rights Educational Institute, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Annette Baldwin

 Annette Baldwin

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The first woman to run for United States President?  It was Victoria Claflin Woodhall, running under the Equal Rights Party in 1872.  Her opponents? Ulysses S. Grant (R) and Horace Greeley(D).

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