The Historical Portrayal

is a fully costumed, first-person characterization of a woman in history who effected positive change in the cultural or political climate of her time, which ultimately altered conditions for future generations.    Each program is 45-50 minutes long, with a question and answer period to follow in the Chautauqua Style, meaning questions will be taken first by the historical character in her era, and then by the presenter to encourage conversation of how the character and her time relate to current interests, concerns and conditions. The Long Road to Victory, a five-character show, runs approximately one hour.

The Setting…

can be placed in nearly any room: a multi-purpose room, an auditorium, a living room.  Where appropriate space is available, the presenter will provide two or three set pieces and a few hand props.   In large spaces and where audiences are greater than  50-75 persons, and depending on room set-up, views to the actor can be improved by a raised platform, if available.   Set pieces and hand props are provided by the presenter; where airline travel is involved the hosting organization may need to provide a small table and a chair, and a very few simple props.  The size of the venue and the number of people attending will determine the need for a microphone

The Option…

of a Visual Journey, to follow the historical character’s monologue, is available with some portrayals.  Please inquire.

Visual Journeys

run anywhere from 50-75 minutes. Visual Journeys that accompany historical portrayals run approximately 20 minutes.  Please inquire about the program you are interested in booking.  A Visual Journey presentation requires a lectern, an LCD projector with a VGA cable, extension cords to run from the projector to an electrical outlet, a projection screen or white wall, plus a cart or table to hold the projector,

Readers Theater

productions run approximately 50-60 minutes.   Literary Lovers and Living the War offer projected images to accompany the narrative.  In this case the program would require the same equipment as needed for Visual Journeys.

Travel and Fee

The presenter is available to travel nationally.  For Chicago-area performances and lectures, the fee includes travel cost.  City parking fees may be added.   When driving outside the immediate Chicago area a mileage rate may be added.    Travel by air and the attendant expenses – airfare, taxis, hotel, per diem – are line-itemed in addition to the presentation fee.  When the presenter travels by air, the sponsoring organization will provide chair and table for a performance; for a Visual Journey, please see equipment needs under that program heading.  For a specific fee quote, please contact the presenter using the contact section below.

Annette Baldwin

 Annette Baldwin

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The first woman to run for United States President?  It was Victoria Claflin Woodhall, running under the Equal Rights Party in 1872.  Her opponents? Ulysses S. Grant (R) and Horace Greeley(D).

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