Baldwin as Chanel
Chanel Performance, Montgomery College, Maryland

Coco Chanel

Fashion Designer and Business Entrepreneur

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (1883-1971) was not only the most influential designer of the 20th century, she was one of the most influential women of all time; Australian Financial Review named her one of the top 10 business tycoons of the century.   Ninety years after Coco Chanel advocated that women should be comfortable in their clothes; that they could be casually elegant and sophisticated, her theories remain as the underpinning of current style.  She continues to influence another generation of designers and to guide women through an otherwise expensive and frustrating world of ever-changing fashion.

Chanel decreed that being well-dressed is about timeless style.  To prove that being comfortable in one’s clothing was not a male privilege, Chanel put women in trousers and blazers.  She also pulled out the pearls for daytime dressing and designed and marketed the little black dress (the LBD) into infinity.   Coco Chanel’s maxim that comfort is key, her innate business sense, enviable capacity for work, uncanny ability to predict what would become the next mode, and her single-mindedness of character, assured that she will always stand in fashion history’s spotlight.

History’s most influential designer returns in a spirited historical portrayal.  Through this performance, “Coco” shares the story of her rise to fame, her fashion theories and innovations, and the creation of her most famous fragrance, Chanel No. 5.  She is also candid about competitors and the men in her life.

The study of Chanel and the development of this program was inspired by Annette Baldwin’s former profession in fashion promotion with Marshall Field’s, where she headed the fashion department of the Old Orchard store.

Kind words about the program

Iincredible performance.  One forgets that Annette Baldwin is performing, and is only aware of the great Chanel!

Rick Chambon, Washington, Indiana, Carnegie Library

Incredible! You ARE la grande mademoiselle!

Pro-Youth/Heart, Visalia, California

Spectacular! We all felt Chanel was in the same room with us.

Park Ridge Civic Orchestra Benefit

Thank you for your portrayal of Coco Chanel on campus today. Several people called me or stopped by to tell me how knowledgeable you were, how much history was conveyed, and how they loved the way you engaged the audience. They told me they had forgotten they were sitting in Jenkins Auditorium.

Laura Chiavini, Marketing & Public Relations, Kishwaukee College, Malta, Illinois

I was so enthralled by what Annette Baldwin can do on a stage, I want to see it [Chanel] again. Annette knows fashion. .

Rosalie Cooke, creator of Art You Wear blog

Annette Baldwin

 Annette Baldwin

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